Warning Light Installation Method

1, to install the warning lights of the riders are reminded: warning lights are divided into positive and negative, positive connection 58 port, negative connection screws, otherwise it will not flash

2. When opening the T73-A, be sure to operate with care. Because of the small space, students with bad waist should not worry, take it easy! Specifically how to open the photo.

3, the normal wiring method, wiring, one end of the screw, one broken line connected to the 58 ports, break the line again to cross the wiring, only normal flashing.

4. The correct connection of the long row of warning lights is: the red line of the megaphone is connected to the input of the engine, the positive black line is connected to the negative input of the engine, and the normal flashing mode: the yellow line and the white line should be connected to be flashing, and then the blue line should be connected to the horn , Public and bus pair connector control flashing module

5, the small warning light is generally connected to the red line corresponding to the positive battery, black line corresponding to the negative battery, in addition to halogen rotary warning light