Warning Light Application Area

Warning lights are generally used to maintain road safety. They are usually used in the development of police cars, construction vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, emergency management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A/S vehicles, and mechanical equipment. Machinery, electric power, Machine control, chemical, telecommunications, shipbuilding, metallurgy and other electrical control circuits for control signal interlock and so on.

Warning light power

1, short row LED warning light: 48-70W

2. Long-row rotating warning light 1000-2000: 1000 Model: 210W, 2000 Model: 210W

3, long row of rotating warning lights 3000-4000: 3000 Model: 280W, 4000 Model: 280W

4. Long-row rotating warning light 6000-8000: 6000 Model: 290W, 7000 Model: 70W, 8000 Model 380W

5, long row of flash warning lights 1000-8000: 1000 Model: 230W, 2000 Model: 230W: 3000 Model: 265W:

4000 Model: 160W: 5000 Model: 165W: 6000 Model: 240W: 7000 Model: 100W: 8000 Model: 260W

6, Long LED warning light 1000-8000: 1000 Model: 100W: 2000 Model 80W: 3000 Model: 150W: 4000 Model 150W: 5000 Model: 170W: 6000 Model: 210W: 7000 Model 80W: 8000 Model 280W: