Perimeter Sensor Alarm System

A perimeter sensor alarm system

Adopting the latest international perimeter security, the concept of perimeter alarm is based on “blocking mainly and supplementing alarms”. That is, the intruders are kept out of the perimeter, the crimes are stopped before they happen, and the intruders are evacuated. When the intruder forcibly invades, the alarm system will issue an alarm to notify security personnel and link the television monitoring system. This is totally different from traditional alarms and monitoring. Traditional alarms and monitoring can only provide information and records when an event occurs or after it occurs, and cannot effectively prevent outsiders from intruding.

Second, perimeter sensor alarm system features

1. New concept of perimeter alarm system combined with blocking

2. Can adapt to various complex terrain without leaving dead ends

3 powerful, strong anti-destructive ability, close, broken line, can trigger the alarm

4 automatic storage of alarm information, independent printing

5. No life threat

6.Adopting advanced computer integrated system to overcome the disadvantages of poor security and high false alarm rate of traditional detectors