Kindergarten Wireless Alarm System

First, the internal wireless alarm demand

Recent campus crimes have frequently occurred and kindergarten safety has become a social concern. The system provides solutions for emergency alarm notifications on campus, allowing parents to rest assured.

When an emergency occurs, press the pre-arranged wireless emergency call button to notify the security guard, the office director, and the teacher of a special situation and issue an alarm sound. If there is 110 alarm interface, you can also access the police station in time.

In the event of an emergency, the internal security system program is initiated for the first time and the related personnel are notified of the emergency. As far as possible to reduce the risk continues to occur. And promptly notify external community security, 110 and other rapid support.

Second, the main components of the internal alarm system

1. Wireless alarm button (using FM FM technology to ensure stable and reliable transmission)

2. Wireless alarm receiving host (display alarm point number and continue to issue alarm sound)

Third, place

Classrooms, guards, dormitories, canteens, activity areas, community security, etc.

Fourth, use

When an emergency occurs, only the alarm button needs to be pressed. All the locations where the control panel is installed can receive the alarm information and issue an alarm sound. Relevant personnel are handled according to the pre-prepared operating plan. Security classrooms block doors and windows to prevent bad people from entering; security and other rushed to the scene of the police.

V. System Features

Internal emergency notice to ensure the first time dangerous handling.

Wireless frequency modulation technology ensures stable and reliable.

Easy to install.

Emergency situations include: criminals, natural disasters, emergency medical services, etc.

Six, system-related certificates

Seven, system schematic