Composition Of Anti-theft Alarm System

The anti-theft alarm system uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect the intrusion that occurs in the deployment monitoring area, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the on-duty personnel to place an alarm in the area where the countermeasures may be taken. The anti-theft alarm system is an important facility for preventing accidents such as robbery and theft. In the event of an emergency, it is possible to accurately display the location of the incident in the security control center through the sound and light alarm signal, so that emergency measures can be taken promptly. The anti-theft alarm system and the entrance and exit control system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, visitor intercom system and electronic patrol system together constitute a security system. Anti-theft alarm system is usually composed of three parts: detector (also called anti-theft alarm), transmission channel and alarm controller.

Alarm detector is composed of sensors and signal processing. It is used to detect intruder intrusion. The device consisting of electronic and mechanical components is the key to the anti-theft alarm system. The sensor is the core component of the alarm detector. The use of different principles of the sensor components, can constitute different types, different uses, to achieve different detection purposes of the alarm detection device.

(1) Alarm detectors can be divided into infrared alarm detectors, microwave alarm detectors, passive infrared/microwave alarm detectors, glass broken alarm detectors, vibration alarm detectors, ultrasonic alarm detectors, laser alarm detection according to the working principle. , magnetic switch alarm detectors, switch alarm detectors, video motion detection alarms, sound detectors and many other types.

(2) Alarm detectors can be classified into active alarm detectors and passive alarm detectors according to their working methods.

(3) Alarm detectors can be classified into point-controlled alarm detectors, line-controlled alarm detectors, surface-controlled alarm detectors, and space-prevention alarm detectors according to different detection ranges.

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