Alarm System Classification

(1) Visual alarm systems, which are truly existent, such as: fire alarm systems, smoke alarm systems, earthquake alarm systems, and security devices implemented through hardware and software and electronic devices.

(2) Virtual software, mainly referring to the security alarm system of contemporary computer network systems, can be understood as a set of procedures.

(3) Wireless alarm system

Used in kindergartens, campuses and other places emergency alarm system program.

The anti-theft alarm system uses physical or electronic technology to automatically detect the intrusion that occurs in the armed monitoring area, generates an alarm signal, and prompts the on-duty personnel to place an alarm in the area where the countermeasures may be taken. The anti-theft alarm system is an important facility for preventing accidents such as robbery and theft. In the event of an emergency, it is possible to accurately display the location of the incident at the security control center through sound and light alarm signals, and then quickly take emergency measures. The anti-theft alarm system and the entrance and exit control system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, visitor intercom system and electronic patrol system together constitute a security system.