What does the emergency button switch do

1. The emergency button switch is a switch that is triggered when an emergency is needed. It is the main switch used to control the 2 lines.

2. The button, which is a kind of commonly used control electrical element, is commonly used to switch on or off the 'control circuit' (where the current is very small) so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the operation of the motor or other electrical equipment. The common buttons are mainly used as emergency stop button, start button, stop button, combination button (keyboard), jog button, reset button.

Sometimes, when you come across some kind of big difficulty, you just need to press the red emergency button to send your current location (GPS coordinates) to your pre-set number as a text message.

The paid version can also send emergency voice messages and emergency images.

This software is still of great use, especially if it is not convenient to send text messages or make phone calls in the event of an emergency.