Smoke alarm selection guide

Since ion smoke alarms are sensitive to small particles, they have a faster reaction during cooking. If you have encountered such problems, you can have the following options:

(1) Install the smoke alarm farther away from the cooking area. The smoke particles will become much weaker when they reach the alarm. If you choose this method, you should make clear the flow direction of the air. Otherwise, it will have no effect.

(2) Install a photoelectric smoke alarm. When a fire occurs that produces smaller particles, you may lose the opportunity for early warning, but you also save the hassle of multiple smoke alarms.

(3) Install an ion/opto-electric joint smoke detector. If the two sensors are combined together, the sensitivity of the ion sensor can be set to be smaller, so that the device will reduce false alarms, and you can also have a smoky fire that spreads quickly and a smoldering fire that spreads slowly. Larger sensitivity smoke alarm.

(4) Install an ion smoke alarm with mute function. In this way you can let the alarm reduce the sensitivity for 15 minutes, avoid harsh sounding when smoking or cooking.