Smoke alarm product classification

Smoke detectors can be classified into ion smoke alarms and photoelectric smoke alarms.

Ion smoke

The ion smoke alarm has an ionization chamber. The radioactive element used in the ion chamber, the 241 (Am241), has an intensity of about 0.8 μC or so. Under normal conditions, it is in equilibrium with the electric field. When smoke enters the ionization chamber, the balance will be destroyed. Relationship, the alarm circuit will issue an alarm when the alarm circuit detects that the concentration exceeds the set threshold.

Photoelectric smoke

The photoelectric smoke alarm has an optical labyrinth with an infrared tube installed. The infrared receiver tube does not receive the infrared light emitted by the infrared emission tube when it is smokeless. When the smoke enters the optical labyrinth, it receives the infrared through refraction and reflection. Light, smart alarm circuit determines whether the threshold is exceeded, if it exceeds the alarm.