Magnetometer is a device for security alarm

Magnetometer is a device for security alarm. It is composed of wireless transmitter and permanent magnet. It is used to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, etc. are illegally opened or moved. It is divided into wireless magnetic door, wireless shutter magnetic door, and wired door. Magnetic three.

The door magnetic system is a kind of security alarm system. It is not easy to see if the door magnet is not noticeable. The so-called door magnet is actually a door magnet switch consists of two parts: the smaller part is a permanent magnet, there is a permanent magnet inside, used to generate a constant magnetic field, the larger is the door magnetic body, it has a normally open type In the reed switch, when the permanent magnet and the reed switch are in close proximity (less than 5 mm), the door sensor is in working standby state, and when the permanent magnet leaves the reed switch for a certain distance, it is normally open. The magnet and the reed switch are installed in the door frame (window frame) and the door leaf (window fan), respectively, and they are basically flush-mounted (surface-mounted), so it is not generally noticeable to those in the industry. Open the split door and the outside window, and look at the window frames at the top and outside of the split door frame, and you can see the round, generally white components. Actually, this is what is called door magnetism.