Magnetic installation steps

General magnetism

The wireless transmitter and the magnetic block are respectively installed on the door frame and the door (usually on the upper edge and the upper frame of the door), but it should be noted that the wireless transmitter and the magnetic block are aligned with each other and are parallel to each other with a spacing of not more than 15 mm.

If the shape of the door and window of the user is special and it is not convenient to install the door magnet, please create a mounting base for the hardware installation personnel yourself or in order to meet the above installation requirements.

Rolling gate door magnetic

The roll gate has a dedicated door magnet, which can be easily installed on the roll gate. Firstly, the “magnet” (the heaviest iron part) is installed and fixed on the inner side of the roller shutter (generally close to the side), and the “reed sensor” (lighter iron part) is installed and fixed on the corresponding lower floor. When the roll gate is closed, the distance between the "magnet" and the "reed sensor" is no more than 2 cm. The "reed sensor" is connected to the "soft signal transmitter" through a steel soft sheath. The "wireless signal transmitter" must be installed where the host can receive wireless signals. If the host is too far away from the "wireless signal transmitter" or there is shielding between them, the connection between the "wireless signal transmitter" and the "reed switch sensor" can be lengthened. For example, if a user lives on the 8th floor, the garage is On the first floor, you can extend the connection to the home of the 8th floor and install the "wireless signal transmitter" in the user's home so that the host can receive the wireless signal.